Michael – Tuition in the summer for a strong A Level start


At 16 years old, Michael completed senior high school year 1 in China. Michael had a reasonably solid academic foundation with a good level of English, having studied in a top school in Xi’an.

Michael secured an A-Level offer from a boys’ school in Warwickshire but was unsure if he could catch up with his British peers without previous GCSE learning experience. He wanted additional GCSE tuition before starting school.

WSE Solution: Bridging the learning gap

His tutor at the time was a family friend- a university lecturer in China with good English, but we immediately explained to the family that being able to speak English and having some knowledge of the curriculum did not necessarily qualify an individual to teach it. This finding was further verified when neither the family friend nor Michael could provide adequate answers in a style required to a sample GCSE test paper.

Consequently, our senior tutors from Wellington College were made available both in person and online to provide Michael with private tutoring in two main subjects: Maths (including Further Maths) and Physics.

As a result, Michael achieved “A” grade (the highest grade) in his first set of examinations in both subjects in the new term.  


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    What our community says...

    Tiger’s dad
    Cottesmore School
    When it came to choosing a guardianship company, we had 2 recommendations (with competitive rates) from the school placement agency. However, after careful consideration, we went with Wisdom Spring Education on 9th August as I felt that they are more knowledgeable and experienced. Wisdom Spring provided all necessary preparation for Tiger straightaway whilst he was in China until Dr Wu accompanied him on his first day in his boarding school on 5th Sept.
    Patrick’s Mum
    The Oratory Prep School
    Dr Wu and her team are very responsive and answers my queries on time bar the time difference and we have regular discussions regarding my son’s progression. When my son first started the boarding school, it was a big shock to him and needed time to adjust and plenty of guidance. I was very grateful for the professional advice given to my son by Wisdom Spring which really helped him.
    Vic’s Mum
    Ashford School
    We really appreciated for Rebecca and her team' great supports. My son flied back to Shanghai safely and healthy Last Friday! The week before we decided to fly him back, Rebecca keep the daily update to us about UK local virus impact situation...
    Zijian’s Parents
    Leighton Park School
    Zijian has been studying in the UK for nearly a year and we are very happy with his progress. At the beginning, we were very worried about him as he never lived away from home and English was not his strongest subject.
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