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Yu Hao (Phoenix)
Buckswood School
Wisdom Spring Education are very professional and efficient. Always quick in response and action. We enjoy working with them very much!


Tiger’s dad
Cottesmore School
I first came across Wisdom Spring Education when I was gathering information for my son Tiger’s school interview and entrance exams in the UK. However, as I had already entrusted a well-known Shanghai school placement agency to make all the relevant arrangement, so I did not think too much at the time. I saw Dr. Wu for the first time at Horris Hill school when we went for Tiger’s school interview and entrance exams on June 13, 2019. She was there for the same purpose but for her own student. Although we did not communicate but I instinctively knew who she was. She came across to be very experienced and dedicated to her job. Unfortunately, Tiger did not pass the entrance test even though he performed well on the day. However, we still really cherished the experience! Tiger performed really well in all his subsequent school interviews and managed to secure offers from all of them. We selected the one we thought it was the best fit for him. When it came to choosing a guardianship company, we had 2 recommendations (with competitive rates) from the school placement agency. However, after careful consideration, we went with Wisdom Spring Education on 9th August as I felt that they are more knowledgeable and experienced. Wisdom Spring provided all necessary preparation for Tiger straightaway whilst he was in China until Dr Wu accompanied him on his first day in his boarding school on 5th Sept. We were quite anxious as we were not sure how well he will adjust to his new life in a brand new school on his own. School had specially asked for new students not to call their parents in the first week which I could understand, but we did not hear from him the second week we were so worried, sleepless nights followed. We finally saw some photos from Dr Wu when she went to pick up Tiger personally on his first exeat weekend out of school. Tiger looked serious and I can tell he was trying to be strong – I really cannot describe how we felt at that moment. (One probably won’t feel this way if one has stayed in the UK for a long time, but the pictures told me all I needed to know). Tiger’s first host family is a Chinese teacher and he really liked the family. They went shopping together and used WeChat video called us. As Reading is quite far away from the school, we requested for Wisdom Spring to arrange for another host family closer to the school. Soon a new host family (a French teacher) is arranged, we were very happy with the description and pictures we received about the host family. They have a few students over the holiday period including other Chinese children. Home life is exciting and interesting, including cycling, trampoline, outdoor play, games, and French dinners. We also received pictures every day during the holidays! We are gratified and grateful that Tiger is so happy! Teacher Wang from Wisdom Spring Education prepared his favourite cakes and gifts in advance before Tiger’s birthday. They were sent to school alongside with some carefully selected books for him on his birthday as a surprise. I was very touched for the thoughtful things they did for Tiger. At the end of second term of Year 5, and Tiger's effort and adaptability were highly praised by the headmaster and the host family! I was very happy with that. Teacher Wang has completed Tiger’s senior schools’ registration after Dr Wu’s planning as a result of her regular communication with the headmaster over Tiger’s academic progress. I will share the experience as we progress. We have not special goal for my son whilst he is studying in the UK, but I sincerely hope with the help of Wisdom Spring Education, Tiger will chase his dream and follow his heart. And most importantly to be happy!
Patrick’s Mum
The Oratory Prep School
After received some really unreliability service from other education consultancies when I was planning to send my son to the UK, I realised that choosing a suitable consultancy represents the biggest headache for all parents in my situation. At the time, I felt that choosing the right UK guardian is of the ultimate importance as I would be too far away to look after my son. After doing my research and compared several agencies, I finally decided on Dr Wu based on the recommendation of a friend. Dr Wu has extensive background and experience in Education. I instantly liked her when I met her for the first time. She presented herself very well and is very understated, motivated, and extremely knowledgeable. Dr Wu and her team are very responsive and answers my queries on time bar the time difference and we have regular discussions regarding my son’s progression. When my son first started the boarding school, it was a big shock to him and needed time to adjust and plenty of guidance. I was very grateful for the professional advice given to my son by Wisdom Spring which really helped him. They have also provided professional assistance in terms of my son’s senior school application from planning to implementation. Apart from his study, the team have also provided excellent pastoral care no matter how trivial the matter is. Everything they have done has very great impact on my son’s life right now and I am grateful I have found the right organisation to look after him whilst he is in the UK. When I asked my son how he felt about his guardianship company, he did not hesitate and said, "Excellent"! When I asked him if there is anything need to be improved, the answer is, "No"
Vic’s Mum
Ashford School
We really appreciated for Rebecca and her team' great supports. My son flied back to Shanghai safely and healthy Last Friday! The week before we decided to fly him back, Rebecca keep the daily update to us about UK local virus impact situation and discuss how to deal with my son's study and how to be protected in school. They posted mask and sanitise hand liquid to him and taught my boy to take care himself till finally we decided to fly him back. what they had done made us calm down. Thank you very, very much! - Emely Yu
Zijian’s Parents
Leighton Park School
Zijian has been studying in the UK for nearly a year and we are very happy with his progress. At the beginning, we were very worried about him as he never lived away from home and English was not his strongest subject. A year passed quickly, and it seems that our worries were clearly misplaced. We have met up with Zijian several times during school holiday both in China and the UK whilst he is attending school in the UK. He has become more confident and thoughtful. We are so proud of him after reading all the excellent reports from his teachers. We owe this to Wisdom Spring Education’s excellent care of his studies as well as his day-to-day live. He is fast becoming a teenager; I hope WSE will pay even more attention to him and help him make smooth transition through this delicate period of his life. We as his parents would be happy to cooperate with you at any time to support Zijian. Thank you!
Eira’s Parents
Heathfield School
Dealing with children’s daily needs should be a job for their parents. Unfortunately, I am unable to look after my daughter this way because I am so far away from her. I am very grateful that WSE took care of everything for her, including things like mobile top up, uniform order and purchase, school photo ordering and so on. They even delivered snacks to her school! I am especially impressed with the high professionalism and efficiency displayed by WSE in dealing with emergency situations. Last term, my daughter lost her BRP card on her way back from a school trip to Spain. At the time, she was due to come back to China in 10 days’ time and she wouldn’t have been allowed to re-enter the UK without a BRP card. WSE reported the incident to the police immediately, liaised with the school collecting all required documents and submitted a BRP replacement visa application to the British Embassy in China. On the Monday after Eira’s arrival, she attended the visa appointment made by WSE and managed to secure the replacement visa within 3 days. As soon as she was back at school, WSE staff liaised with school and applied for her actual BRP card. Now I truly appreciate the value and importance of employing a professional, efficient, reliable guardianship company such WSE.
Anna Yang’s Parents
LVS Ascot
With a young daughter so far away from home studying in a foreign country, I was extremely worried, but Dr Herbert’s excellent care of my daughter has taken all my fears away. Thanks to you, she settled in her new environment within a matter of months. When she suddenly felt unwell that time, it is you who took her to the hospital without delay. Again, it’s you who chose the best English tutor for Anna making sure she overcame her language barrier very quickly. There are just so many things that I am incredibly thankful… It is so amazing that her academic results have improved so much within a year. From a shy and reserved littler girl, she has blossomed into a confident young lady. Choosing WSE is like choosing peace of mind.
Michael Wen’s Father
Warwick School
I found WSE to be very approachable, really understing parents' needs hence why I chose them to look after son in the UK. Guardianship staff are very professional and have a wealth of experience within the UK education system. Reliable advice was offered in great detail and in a speedy manner. They are always ready to solve any problems encountered by students and parents. Each student has a customised guardianship plan according to their own circumstance. They don’t just offer the usual pastoral care but create first-rate individual academic plan to ensure each student is reaching his/her full potential! As a parent, I have learnt so much as part of this amazing journey. The new concepts and ideas I picked up along the way will certainly be beneficial and instrumental in my younger child’s education. Thank you!


LVS Ascot
I felt a bit lost, confused and helpless when I first started my study in the UK, but now I am very happy, feeling loved, cared for. I am very settled in the UK life because the excellent care I received from Auntie Wu – she made me feel at home. Britain is no longer a foreign country but my second home.

Head Teachers

Mr Edward Falshaw
Deputy Head
Leighton Park School
I worked with Dr Herbert on our overseas partnership development programme. It has been a fruitful and beneficial relationship. Dr Herbert is very knowledgeable in the markets we visited and competent in facilitating visits to our partner schools. Dr Herbert is resourceful and managed to find funds for us to travel overseas to explore partnership opportunities. I am particularly impressed by her professionalism in supporting us to run an immersion programme for our partner school’s students. We were reassured that if there were any problems or emergencies Wisdom Spring Education and Dr Herbert would take care of everything as they provide full guardianship for overseas students. I would highly recommend Dr Herbert if your school is considering identifying or developing your partnerships overseas.

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